Thought Leadership with Heart

The fleet industry is a highly technical field, with lots of lofty logistics jargon and five-dollar vehicle terminology. It can create a pitfall for thought leadership content coming from top fleet software brands to stay a little too practical and high-level, missing an opportunity to connect fleet managers to a community that understands their struggles on a more personal level. In my work at Fleetio, I aim to highlight the human aspects of fleet management and create a nurturing environment for knowledge sharing that is actively led by the people actually working in fleets on a day-to-day basis. A recent highlight was a case study with the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts, where we were able to use fleet manager Tom Rowlings’ natural charm and storytelling ability to create a whole series of content highlighting his 25 years of experience in software. Our lean team was able to quickly generate a full case study video, which I then appropriated on a short timeline into three other distinct content pieces, including a Q&A, corresponding video script and writeup. I loved getting to present Tom, in all his Bostonian glory, as a personality all his own and let him lead conversations on the ins and outs of introducing new tech.

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