About me

My name is Peyton Panik, and I’m based in Birmingham, AL.

I’m a former journalist and copy editor turned content marketer, and I love using my skills in writing, editing, design and coding to generate well-branded, engaging content journeys that not only hit OKRs, but also foster creativity and community.

I’ve worked with brands like Shipt, Fleetio, and Parsley Health in a variety of capacities, from email marketing and PPC management to blog writing and content operations, but the core of my work always comes back to content strategy – finding better ways to tell better stories that meet customers where they are.

When I’m not working, you can usually find me in the kitchen cooking with my partner Michael, or curled up with a book and my cat Izzie in the coziest second hand chair I got from a friend in college. I’m a swammer (read: former swimmer) and marching band has-been, and I still coach color guard at a local high school.

Feel free to reach out with cool opportunities:

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